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Each morning when I open TB there will be 100-200 emails in the unified '/Trash/Local Folders'.
All are from Hotmail and gMail (both IMAP) and are old previously deleted emails from as far back as August, sometimes further.
I will empty trash/compact and the next day there they are again.

I must have an incorrect setting somewhere, this just started within the last month.
Delete some file and let TB rebuild?


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Moving to TB support.

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The trash folder might be corrupt. Deleted messages being resurrected is a common symptom of a corrupt folder. See . It describes a "real" fix for a corrupt inbox folder. You could modify those instructions for the trash folder.

I'm assuming unified '/Trash/Local Folders' means you're using a trash folder in the "Local Folders" special account for both the gmail and hotmail IMAP accounts.

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