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I have a problem with the "edit as new" function. What happens is that Thunderbird puts the original sender's address as the sender's address. I have done this a few times without noticing and was made available by others that I'm sending emails as somebody else. Surely, this is not the intended behaviour.

Any insight is appreciated. Latest updates are installed. Thunderbird is running on Win10.



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I think the assumption is that the user will edit the From: field as they know what they are doing. There are add-ons on that might help, though they're mainly meant for checking you use the right identity when composing a new message or replying to a message. ... serprofile ... src=search ... src=search

The RFC's for mail don't require the From: header to reflect the real sender, its supposed to be spoofable. An analogy would be configuring a PBX to display a central/dept. office number rather than the employee's phone number when they call somebody. A useful feature added for legitimate reasons, that can get abused. Thunderbird defaults to using the accounts From: address but you can select other accounts addresses using the From list box or type any address you want to use if you select "custom From: address" from the bottom of that list box.

You might find ... il_account useful.

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