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Post Posted October 9th, 2018, 6:55 am

On TB 60.2.1.
So a few days ago I an see that the filters appear to no longer be working. Restarting TB and running the filters manually works (once), then unfiltered messages start piling up again in my inbox.

I activate logging and the following is the last entry in the log:

[10/9/2018, 9:35:56 AM] Applied filter "XXX" to message from xxx@xxx - XXXX at 10/9/2018, 9:35:46 AM moved message id = xxxx to imap://xxx@xxx/yyy

...however, the message in question is still sitting in the inbox instead of being moved to yyy. The most current message in yyy is from 9:05 AM. The Activity Manager window shows the last activity was at 9:06AM.

How would one easily confirm whether this is an issue with IMAP or some other issue in between (inside TB itself)? I presume that moves are queued for async/deferred execution, but I'd have expected the Activity Manager to show any such failures (it does not). If the moves triggered by the filters fail, is there any log of that anywhere (short of activating full-fledged IMAP logging)?

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Post Posted October 9th, 2018, 7:07 am

So as mentioned before, restarting TB and running the filters manually once on the folder does the job (once; if I check again in a few hours, the messages have started piling up again); I see the successful moves in the Activity Manager, but no indication of any failed moves.

I do occasionally see a warning about "unable to connect to the IMAP server, reduce the # of connections" (I already brought the # of connections down to 1), but sometimes it happens many many minutes since the first filter log entry that says a message was moved (without it being moved). Also, I can retrieve new email just fine after these warnings (as the connection is reestablished), but even then running the filters manually does squat until I restart TB and re-run the filters manually again.

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Post Posted October 23rd, 2018, 1:03 pm

I don't know if this is related, but I am having difficulty with TB's Junk mail filtering no longer running automatically and running incorrectly when invoked manually. I use an IMAP mail account. This started a couple of months ago for me. Using TB 62.0.3 but also misbehaving when I try several earlier TB versions.

I have posted separately about this, but so far no solution.

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