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Post Posted November 29th, 2018, 1:52 pm

Using TB 60.3.1 (32-bit)

It seems that with TB 60, the Add On "Change quote and reply format" is no longer compatible. This add-on allowed me to have TB close the original message window when I hit "Reply". The "Close on Reply" add on will only close tabs, not windows, and I much prefer to open messages in windows.

Is there now a setting in TB itself that would allow this? Or is there another way to make this happen?

Thank you!


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Post Posted November 29th, 2018, 4:00 pm

I can install the add-on but can't modify any of its options with 60.3.1. So I suspect setting extensions.strictCompatibility false was enough to get it to run, but it needs some changes to how it uses the APIs due to the many changes in the Mozilla toolkit for version 60. It doesn't seem to be one of the add-ons in viewtopic.php?f=39&t=3041270 that have workarounds. The add-on author has written many add-ons and (according to his web page) seems to be busy adding support for version 59. So I assume it will eventually get fixed, but will probably break in version 64, which supposedly will break most add-ons. ... hunderbird

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Post Posted November 30th, 2018, 12:38 pm

Besides not being able to change Options of the changequote add-on, it disables the ability to reply to or forward a message, so it obviously needs a major rewrite. The Close on Reply add-on can probably be fixed with a minor change.

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