Cannot start Thunderbird from cron. [Linux.]

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Post Posted December 3rd, 2018, 10:59 pm

I've tried all sorts of variants but none work.
I have a script to start Thunderbird, & the command in the script almost always works when I enter it into a console.

Sometimes I see a 'uncaught exception' flash by before the console window closes, & I suspect this is what's happening when it fails to run from a cron job, though I'm not exactly sure.

I have this one minute:
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pkill -term thunderbird

Then this the next minute:
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exec thunderbird

Or I use separate scripts for exit & start, using the same commands in them. But if cron's what starts them the start one will fail. The pkill -term one never fails. If I run the commands in the scripts alone in console they work. Same for the scripts containing the commands.

Have tried using /usr/bin/thunderbird
or thunderbird %u
or /usr/bin/thunderbird %u
...All fail if from cron.

I've also tried with different sleep times between exit & start- between 5- 30 seconds, & it has no effect.
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