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Post Posted December 4th, 2018, 11:00 am

I have created a filter today to move all emails coming from Redbubble to a folder which empties itself after 7 days (please see attached image 1 below). Among the rules is that if the subject line contains the word "thanks" or "subscribing" that it NOT be filtered into that folder. However, every time the filter is run, an email with both those words in the subject line gets filtered into that folder (see attached image 2 below). Did I set up the filter wrong? I am stymied. Any help would be appreciated.

Image 1:


Image 2:



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Post Posted December 4th, 2018, 12:51 pm

I think your filter test conditions will only trigger on the full string you have
entered there, i.e. the entire item1, item2, etc string. I don't think
stringing several terms together with a comma delimiter will test for each
term individually.

You may have to do this with two ganged filters.
First create a new "redbubble" tag via menu path Message | Tag | New tag.

First filter:
    (•) Match any of the following
    [Subject] [doesn't contain] [first term] [+]
    [Subject] [doesn't contain] [second term] [+]
    [Subject] [doesn't contain] [third term] [+]
    ... etc.
    Perform these actions:
    [Tag message] [redbubble]
Second filter - be sure this is LOWER in your filter list than the filter shown above:
    (•) Match all of the following:
    [Tags] [is] [redbubble]
    [From] [is] [] [+]
    [From] [doesn't contain] [customer]
    (this should catch the "customer" substring, so you shouldn't need to test for both
    "customer service" and "customerservice")
    Perform these actions:
    [Move message to] [Chuck in 1 week ...]
The downside to this approach is it will tag lots of other messages with the "redbubble" tag
if their subjects contain none of the search terms and I don't know of a way to REMOVE
tags via a filter.

In the future, may I suggest before posting images you:
1) crop out any unnecessary portions
2) reduce image size to a max of 600px or so, so as not to completely screw up the format of the forum page.
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