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Post Posted January 8th, 2019, 11:43 am

I help my neighbor with computers. He uses Thunderbird on Windows 10. He, unfortunately, computer illiterate, never deleted an email from his Inbox. At last count, there are 25,000+ emails in it. When his LInux/Ubuntu/Thunderbird computer died (CPU or such), the backups, stored on an external USB device kept those 25,000+ safe. Now I'm trying to restore all of them (despite my sense that no consumer database is structured for such), and I'm lost. I've used several of the Tools/Import and they do not import into the current Inbox.

Please suggest a solution, or give me a URL to help me help myself and my computer illiterate neighbor.


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See if he backed up the profile "as is" or in some sort of .zip file that can be unzipped.

Don't overlook the possibility of removing the old drive from the dead PC, connecting it as a external drive to another PC, and then copying the profile if the backup is corrupt.

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