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I have searched here and the web for any info on 'Command Argument 11'. I have read any info
that I found.

I have found older posts and solutions re: large attachments. No joy. This is not my case.

When I open T-bird I get this message:

'The current operation on 'Junk' did not succeed.
The mail server for account **---**
responded: Command Argument 11.'

The mail server is Outlook. I have an email inquiry in to them as well.

The last configuration change I made was on Outlook. Last night I deleted all the entries in my
blocked and safe senders and domains list. All three files are now empty. I thought that is was redundant,
that T-bird handled it better and it would make things faster.

I don't know if that had anything to do with it, but I can view mail in my 'Junk' folder if I log into Outlook,
but logging into T-bird only returns the above mentioned message.

Thanks in advance for your time and considerations.


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That error is, as indicated, coming from the server and not from Thunderbird. Make sure what folder you have specified in Thunderbird as the target for storing Junk messages.
If you have specified a server side folder, ensure that you have subscribed to that folder. ... underbird/

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Thanks Dan

I read the two links that you mentioned and I will re-read them. Nothing jumped out at me as being the solution.

An interesting development, however. I logged in to T-Bird and sent an email to myself at my Outlook account. Where before I only got the 'Com Arg 11' message when I tried to access the 'Junk' folder, I now get it when I try my 'Inbox', 'Sent' and 'Draft' folders as well. As long as the folders were empty, I did not get an error message. When I log into Outlook I see that there are emails in all the above mentioned boxes now.

I probably clobbered something on the server side and any ideas are appreciated. I have no response as yet from my email to Outlook help.

Thanks again

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Post Posted February 7th, 2019, 9:24 pm

My apologies to anyone with the same problem that reads this thread in in the hope of finding a solution.

I found none. I resolved the problem by backing up my local folders, doing a deep uninstall and a reinstall.

Everything is working again except that I now get security certificate override messages. I'm working on that issue, but it would probably be best in another thread, if I get anywhere.

I still think I did something to my Outlook account.

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