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My first installation of Thunderbird eventually led to my getting the 'Command Argument 11' errors. I had been using Outlook with Windscribe for awhile with no problems. I'm pretty sure I was running Windscribe when I first installed Thunderbird since I rarely turned it off. That ended with me backing up my 'Local Folders' (user created), doing a deep uninstall and reinstall.

I'm not about to uninstall to try to duplicate the 'Com Arg 11' error, but I'm reasonably certain that it had to do with some combination of my VPN, Outlook and T-bird. I may have changed horses in midstream and toggled Windscribe at a bad time.

When I re-installed T-bird this time I went overboard clean. I made sure no user programs were running, I disabled all add-ons in Firefox and turned off Windscribe. I have no problems with Outlook with Windscribe on or off. When I run T-bird with Windscribe on I get prompted to 'Add Security Exception'. Not sure this actually does get saved as an exception however because it seems that I'm prompted every time T-Bird accesses the Outlook servers.

The most annoying time is when sending a mail and the message pops up behind the page saying the mail cannot be sent. There are usually 3 or 4 attempts to send before I clear the nag.


My thanks in advance if you know of a solution.

If it comes down to it, I'll turn Windscribe off when using T-bird or put up with the 'Add Security Exception' nag message.


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Windscribe might be doing a benign man in the middle attack in order to block ads that are fetched over a secure connection and/or to create the vpn. If it changes the connection details each time its run that would explain why you need to keep creating security exceptions. I never heard of windscribe before so I'm not familiar with the details of how it works.

I used to use purevpn with Thunderbird and found it a royal pain because both outlook and gmail accounts detected that the vpn server was not at my geographic location, throwing security exceptions (which did not stick because the ip address occasionally changed) etc. I'd chosen purevpn because it supposedly supported split tunneling (lets you chose which apps use the vpn) but that feature didn't work. I found it more practical not to install the windows version of the vpn software and install just the vpn browser add-on in Firefox and Chrome.

Thunderbird version 60.5 supposedly supports the WebExtensions API. You can use WebExtension API based dictionaries with it for example. I don't know if that's sufficient for ublock origin to work. If not, perhaps when the next major version of Thunderbird is released.

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