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Hi. Yet more 'Web-Hosting Company problems, and 'had enough'. Completed 1 year of a 3 year contract, but am happy to forfeit the other two years !
GMAIL seems highly recommended as the best, but I'm not sure how to proceed.

Do I stop the 'Paid for' Domains [ 4 of them] first? And how do I do that ?

Then open new ones in Gmail, or what ?
And is it a separate Account for each 'User', or each 'Domain'....or how does it work.
And what is the best way to do it ?

A lot of questions I know, but even some pointers to websites with some answers would be great.
Thanks to anyone who can help.


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A free gmail account uses the domain. They also sell G Suite subscriptions which is Gmail designed for a enterprise. It lets you use your own domain, has higher limits, and one of the users is a admin. (Add more domains to your G Suite or Cloud Identity account)

The Thunderbird developers go out of their way to support Gmail (due to its popularity), and Gmail has excellent spam detection but Google doesn't provide any support for the free version. You have to get by with various user community forums. Does that matter to you?

The simplest solution would be to signup for a free Gmail account with Google, add a Gmail IMAP account in Thunderbird, move all of your mail from your web host accounts to the Gmail account and stop using the web host accounts. The most common problem when somebody migrates from one email provider to another is that they modify the old account in Thunderbird to use a different email provider instead of adding a new account. Don't do that. Add another account for the new email provider and don't get rid of the old accounts for a few weeks (just tell people to use your new email address) to give yourself time to verify that you didn't forget to do something important. ... illa_Suite

Since you were willing to pay for a web host I suggest you consider getting an account with a commercial email provider such as Fastmail rather than using the free version of Gmail. I've paid for a Fastmail account for over 12 years. The support is good (though its can take a day or two for a initial response), you could keep your domains, and since their only business is email you don't have the conflict of interest like Google has. Fastmail supports custom server side scripts using the Sieve mail filtering language (RFC 5228). That's much more powerful than the standard server side filter capability in Gmail, Outlook, GMX etc. You don't have to use that feature, but I typically go well over a year without a single spam message in my inbox. has a unofficial fastmail forum. They're pretty helpful. ... g_language)

I suggest you also investigate polarismail, runbox, and luxsci (top notch support, but expensive). People could give you better suggestions if you tried to explain what you're looking for, and what you don't care about.

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Post Posted February 11th, 2019, 1:22 pm

OK. Thanks for your reply.
WOW ! Loads of stuff to look at and investigate there ! But I'm not in a hurry.
More important to get it right.
So will take my time.
I'm sure I'll have more questions when I've done all this !!

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