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I have a bunch of folders, one per linux mailing list, these are quite active but I only need to look at most of them occasionally. So I need to see the folders but I do not need TB to sync them for me, I can happily wait if/when I want to see some folder - is there any way to configure TB to show a folder in a list but stop syncing it in background? Folders are not selected for offline use so only headers are downloaded but it is still too much. Thanks.

Why - 2 reasons - 1) syncing make TB stop responding to gui (gnome3 "wait or kill" window appears), it is quite a slow laptop 2) syncing consumes lots of trafic which matters when I am on mobile.

TB 60.0.5, fedora 29.


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Sure. UNcheck tools -> account settings -> account_name -> synchronization & storage -> "keep messages in all folders for this account on the computer" to disable synching. You can either UNcheck tools -> account settings -> account_name -> server settings -> advanced -> "show only subscribed folders" or right click on the accounts name in the folder pane, select subscribe and choose which folders you want to be visible.

However if you have global search/indexing enabled it can't fetch the mail it needs to build the search index from the offline folders anymore, so it will fetch it itself from the server. So I suggest disabling global search and getting by with the "quick filter bar". You could create a virtual folder whose contents include those of several folders per if you want to search the contents of several folders frequently. The virtual folder doesn't effect where the messages are physically stored.

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