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Post Posted March 13th, 2019, 5:25 am

One of our users had a mail from a few day ago, he knew the subject line and recipient but when he clicked on the message it dissapeared.
It does not appear in his trash or in any global search. Mail is IMAP


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Post Posted March 13th, 2019, 6:16 am

Close Thunderbird and navigate to the profile folder -- Delete the file global-messages-db.sqlite, which is the index used for the global search. Restart Thunderbird and allow time for the index to be rebuilt. That could be a significant time if the message files are large. Redo the search and see if the message is found.


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Post Posted March 13th, 2019, 11:56 am

I suggest you also right click on the inbox folder in the folder pane, select properties, and then press the repair folder button. That will repair the folder listing, which might have gotten corrupted.

See for some other possibilities.

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