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In Thunderbird 60+, when a new message arrives that has attachment(s)—and with TB's attachment preferences set as "attached" and not displayed inline—there is a moz-twisty at the bottom of the message that when clicked displays the attachments. What is the name of the container that holds these attachments? It displays by default with a dark gray border or outline around it. I wish to remove this border/outline but can't determine what to target. I've looked at the following files to try to find it, to no avail:

- attachmentList.css
- messageHeader.css
- messageBody.css

The attachments appear to be inside a scrollbox, but that scrollbox is contained inside some other container.

The second part to this is that when a new message is composed and attachments are added—or if forwarding a message with existing attachments—that same container with the dark gray border appears in the righttside of the compose window header area, too. Then, when the container is minimized (via the "#MsgHeadersToolbar splitter"), a big attachment icon displays. I wish to target and change that particular icon too. What ID or class do I target for that?
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Try the #attachmentList element.

Here is how to select the attachmentlist[id="attachmentList"] element in DOMi.

* 3pane window, Tools > DOM Inspector
* DOMi window, View > check all options
* DOMi window, File > Inspect Chrome Document > chrome://messenger/content/messenger.xul picture
* DOMi window, click "Find a node to inspect by clicking on it" button (top left)
* 3pane window, click attachment area

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Ah, found it... there were more items in "attachmentList.css" and a new file "messengercompose.css". These are the two that control that area. 8-)

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