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i am looking for a small add on that will remind me of emails that I need to followup on. there used to be an old addon called followup that was good and as well mailmindr. but they have not been updated. does anyone know of any other good addons. I have tried reminderfox but it seems to slow down my thunderbird.



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I used to use ReminderFox and thought it was light weight and quick. Maybe your PC is much slower than mine.

Take a look at the RemindIt add-on at ... it/?src=ss

I think mailmindr has been updated, just not on the web site. If you follow the support link for mailmindr you get to which has a direct download link at for a new version (0.81) for Thunderbird, developed April 29, 2019.

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thanks for link. I downloaded it and updated it from the version I have. I cannot though get it to work. I have taken emails in my inbox and right clicked and "Set Resubmission" and nothing seems to happen. it also says that you can see a list of follow up /re submissions. I cannot figure out where.
below my email folders there is a section that says "subject,Sender, deadline" I thought it would belong in there but nothing is happening there.

Any ideas on how to make this work ?


It is possible another addon is conflicting ?

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