Email accounts disappear from Manually Sort Folders add-on

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I've just tried to re-order the email accounts at they appear in Thunderbird. When I open "Sort Accounts" in the Manually Sort Folders add-on, the pane with the accounts in it is blank. However, the rest of the app seems to be working: if I go to "Sort Folders", I can see all the email accounts and move folders within them.

I've opened up Thunderbird on another computer. I've checked all the settings for the Sort Accounts/Sort Folders/Extra Settings panes on the two computers and they are all identical - apart from the accounts not showing on one of them.

What am I doing wrong? I've just tried deleting and reinstalling the add-on and that didn't work. I'm using Thunderbird 60.6.1



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Did you update the version of that add-on to 1.2.1? I remember an older version didn't fully work with Thunderbird 60.* . I installed it with Thunderbird 60.6.1 under Windows 10 and was able to sort the account order, change the sort method for folders, and manually change the sort order of folders.

Another possibility is that another add-on causes interoperability problems. Check that you have the same add-ons on both machines.

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