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Huge problem with tb. Been using tb for a long time and I get this issue out of the blue. I cant access mail anymore. Very strange. Whenever I try to i get messages like, "Authentication failure while connecting to server". Then my browser pops up many times asking me to enter my credentials to sign into gmail with my password which I've done. Nothing works. This makes NOOOO sense.

I then tried to uninstall tb and restore my old profile. I even created a new profile from scratch. That doesnt work either cuz i get the same error messages. Below are the messages I get. If anyone knows how to cure this issue I'd appreciate it.




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Google or other search engine choice for "Gmail down" without the quotation marks. The error messages you are seeing may make complete sense.

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I still cant get access to my gmail on my tb! What do i do?????????????????


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Most web sites that monitor gmails status such as and claim its been back up for about 5 hours but there are several comments (on those web sites) that the problem still exists. So it might depend upon your location. ... bbe9dd11fc was reporting network congestion in Eastern USA.

You could try using Gmail webmail (via a browser) as a temporary workaround.

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