Google Sign-in -- Again and . . . Let's do it again, too!

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Post Posted June 2nd, 2019, 3:21 pm

This happened several months ago -- maybe a year -- I started getting the popups to sign-in again to my GMail accounts and authorize Thunderbird. Then, of course, I get the warning that Thunderbird is insecure and still don't get what's up with THAT!

Anyway, having not gotten anywhere with Google, does anyone here know what's going on? I've been using Thunderbird forever and haven't made any changes to any of my email accounts. Is this just an annual "Are you sure you wanna?" thing or is there some trigger that I should know about?


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If you are having trouble today, there is a widespread outage of gmail and other google services today. Do not change anything today, you may want to attempt to access your emails via webmail to see what is going on. If that works, which it may not.

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Thanks for that. I haven't changed anything, it's just asking me to login to Google again and authorize. Then I'm getting "your account was accessed from a new device!" which it isn't. But thank you -- I didn't know Google was barfing today. :-)


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My Gmail IMAP accounts have been working okay, but my Gmail POP account reported a server error (not Thunderbird's fault) for a while. It now seems to be working again okay.

Google seems to have a habit of once in a while clearing the list of less secure apps. I find it easier to stick with Oauth2 for authentication (for IMAP accounts) than to fight them.

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