Final version of thunderbird 68.0, what's the date?

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I would like to know the reason that Thunderbird version 68.0 was not released on July 9th and that the launch date was on schedule. It has the release date of thunderbird version 68.0 in final version.


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Because it breaks most add-ons. Supposedly they will not release it until the top 50 add-ons work with that version. The delay is a good thing. ... easenotes/ is the release notes for beta 5. Notice "Add-on support: Restartless add-ons and non-restartless legacy add-ons using XUL overlays are only supported if add-on authors have adapted them" and "Theme support: Thunderbird no longer supports so-called lightweight themes. Therefore none of the themes offered at currently work. Lightweight themes will be converted to WebExtension themes, but this conversion has NOT happened yet. It has happened at Workaround: Manually install from by dragging the link or .xpi file into the Add-ons Manager."


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Not sure why you needed a to make a duplicate thread after the replies were made in your original thread on same question.


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