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I am trying to change my Thunderbird profile location to a different folder on a network drive. I followed the instructions for moving Thunderbird.

When I update my profile.ini to point to the new profile location and then open thunderbird my folders do not appear and when I look at Account settings, it has appended the network drive in front of the local directory path

Example of Message Storage Local Directory:

After profile.ini update:

I appreciate any assistance.


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Whose instructions?
Was it ... -a-profile ?
If it was ... hunderbird , which method did you use?

I'm confused how \\NASDrive can be a prefix for a redirected drive letter. Does NASDrive show up in file explorer as a drive? I'm wondering if you used something other than the SMB protocol to create that network device.

Please copy and paste the contents of your profiles.ini file.

What is mail.root.pop3 in your config editor?

Mine is set to C:\Users\Eric\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\w0p7q3aa.default\Mail
That is consistent with my profile being at C:\Users\Eric\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\w0p7q3aa.default\

I assume the reason you can't just use the browse button to set the local directory for each account to the desired location is because Thunderbird can't update prefs.js because of its location.

As an experiment I suggest you pass the correct profile location as a command line argument per ... hunderbird (don't worry about the title being about USB drives) and then use the browse button to set the correct local directories. Hopefully that will give you a temporary workaround you can use while we try to understand whats wrong with your profiles.ini.

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