How to sync calendars with Google Mail and Live Mail?

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Post Posted September 18th, 2019, 3:41 pm

how can I sync my calendars with Google Mail and Microsoft Live mail?
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Why do you want to use two calendar providers? You don't need to have one for each email account.

You can sync your calendars using the CalDAV protocol. Support for it is built into Lightning. You'll have to search for the CalDAV setup details. Its probably available via webmail help if you can't google it.

The provider for google calendar add-on adds some extra features that CalDAV doesn't, because it uses some proprietary calls. I think that's just to get reminders. Calendar based Events and Tasks are supported by CalDAV. I'm not aware of a corresponding add-on for unless there is a Exchange specific one. However I'd suggest sticking with CalDAV to keep things simple.

If you're using version 68 take a look at ... ostpopular . I suggest you also browse the calendar forum .

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