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Privoxy isn't blocking ads that I add to the ad URLs I add; neither in their original form (using Microsoft's horrible ATP SafeLinks), nor the decoded real sources

I've tried adding both the full URLs to +block and +block{Blocked image request.};+handle-as-image

My Proxy settings are all set up correctly, and I have the Privoxy service set up as well, but nothing happens.

I'm using Thunderbird 68.1 and Window 10 Home.

I also have Firefox 69.0 set up to proxy through Privoxy as well to access the settings page, but I haven't noticed any ad blocking there; but then again, I already have two Ad Block Addons there. I'm desperately trying Privoxy because Mozilla refuses to add support for WemExtensions, so I can't use the Adblockers made for Firefox on it, and they've indulged in a relentless spate of "Updating just for the sake of Updating"/"The Quest for the Highest Version and Build Number" so fast, that practically every developer of addons for Thunderbird has thrown up their hands in defeat because they can't keep up, and they are just volunteers.
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My impression is that Privoxy is designed to filter web pages retrieved using HTTP/HTTPS, so its not clear to me that it would even notice a HTML message retrieved using IMAP or POP3.

All of the ad blocker add-ons at seem to be legacy add-ons that won't work with version 68. UBlock Origin at ... ck-origin/ doesn't mention anything about supporting Thunderbird but ... -455824768 lists it as an issue . One of the comments says the WebExtension version of the add-on works with RSS feeds in TB 68, but not for remote content in mail. Perhaps it will work when Thunderbird has fleshed out the WebExtension API more (add more mail-centric API calls).

I use uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger on all of my browsers but never felt the need to try to use them with Thunderbird since the only ads I get in mail are either spam (which I normally don't need to read to let them get deleted) or from companies that I do business with, and they're related to the companies products.

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