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Post Posted October 4th, 2019, 10:49 am

I keep all my mail files on DropBox. If it matters, there are three mail accounts and two news accounts within the system. I disregard the news groups since they are fairly static and all I do is read and delete most messages. The local message storage for the three mail accounts is “x:\Dropbox\Mail\”, where x is the drive letter. On one of my systems, the major mail account will not accept the “D” drive as the storage area for mail, and instead creates a new dropbox folder with one folder, “Mail” and one entry under that which is “”! In THAT folder it creates default folders which are empty! All other mail storage lives happily in Dropbox on the “D” drive.

The prefs.js file designates the “D” drive for that server. The user.js file is silent on that. Changing the drive through the UI gets to the “need to restart T’Bird to reflect the change” and then doesn’t show that change after the restart.

Can ANYONE tell me where this is stored other than “prefs” or “user”, such that I might be able to change it manually?

I appreciate any help.




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Post Posted October 4th, 2019, 2:37 pm ... hunderbird . It needs updating to mention a few new files added in version 60 but its still very useful.

When you change a local directory for the account it doesn't move the files for you. It just uses the new location. So it may create a new empty inbox folder for you if you are using a POP account. i.e. you need to move the files yourself when you change local directories for a POP account or it will ignore all of your old mail folders because its looking at the new local directory for them.

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All the files are already present on the new directory...and shared with other systems, via DropBox, successfully. Not sure what I'm missing but i KNOW there has to be a way to make that change either in the UI or via editing ini-type files.

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