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Post Posted October 14th, 2019, 9:15 pm ... te/?src=ss claims "The “Date” column in the Thunderbird / SeaMonkey thread pane shows the date from the header of the email message, which is not necessarily an accurate indication of when you received it. The “Received” column is supposed to show when the message arrived in your mailbox, but it does not work properly for IMAP folders. It will if you install this add-on!"

What email provider are you using?

"Have I discovered another problem by turning on "Received" for the list option and finding NO difference from Date?"
Nope. Just means it was delivered within about a minute. I can get a small message I sent from my Fastmail account in my Gmail account in about 5 seconds.

I did some more searching for any mention of Delivery-date: headers and found . It had an example where's servers used it. It states "If no Date: header, or if malformed/corrupted Date: header, Tb uses Epoc time(1970/01/01 GMT+0000) or current date(local time of download in "From -" line, if POP3)".

I stumbled across which lets you search "Common Internet Message Headers". It does mention a Delivery-date: header - it seems to occur when a message is converted from X.400 standards to the RFC882/MIME standard (aka Internet email). "At one time, the designers of X.400 were expecting it to be the predominant form of email, but this role has been taken by the SMTP-based Internet e-mail. Despite this, it has been widely used within organizations and was a core part of Microsoft Exchange Server until 2006;"

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