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I have about 10 different email addresses checked by Thunderbird.. Prior to moving to my new PC I had no issues ...Now if I set my default email address, it stays correct if I just close Thunderbird and re-open, BUT if I shut down my pc and restart, when I open Thunderbird, it has changed my default email address back to the email account that I added first during installation the other week.

I am using a slightly older version of Thunderbird 60.9.0 - as the new version doesn't suppor the 'stationery' addon. I was using 60.9.0 on my old pc without any issue.

does anybody know how to fix this?



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Does it change the default account or the default email address in the default account?

Does the problem occur if you use safe mode (help -> restart with add-ons disabled)? I'm wondering if this is a weird side effect of some add-on that runs but it no longer fully compatible.

I haven't heard of your problem before but you might try using the older version of the manually sort folders add-on at ... ions/1.2.1 to change the account order, and set the default account and startup folder. Perhaps that would workaround whatever bug you are running into.

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To set the default account (i.e. the one that appears at the top of the account list, first make sure you only have one Thunderbird Window open.
– Right-click on an account name and select "Account Properties". Then select the account you want to be your default, click on "Account Management" and select "Make Default".
– Then quit Thunderbird, wait 5-10 seconds and restart.
The account you selected in the previous step should now appear at the top of your account list and be underlined.

AS for default mail, there are two possibilities.
– Thunderbird is open (or not), is your default email programme and you click on a mail link in your browser.
The account chosen to send the mail will be the address from your default account.

– You are in Thunderbird and type Control-N or click on New message.
Then the account chosen will be the one that corresponds to the highlighted folder (left panel).
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