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Recently when I double click on an email in my Inbox it opens in a "write" window as if I wanted to reply. Each line is bordered in cross-hatched red lines and on the bottom of the page is a yellow background line saying " A unique identity matching the From address was not found. The message will be sent using the current From field and settings from identity (my email address)"
When I right click on the email in my inbox and select "open in new window" or "open in new tab" the email opens as a Draft Message
I am an old codger (75) and not very IT literate so any help would be greatly appreciated.
PS. I have tried totally removing Thunderbird from my PC and downloading and reinstalling but it still does the same thing.
Me thinks I have made some setting changes which is causing this but I have no idea what.
Please help


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It could be an installed extension causing that trouble. Does the same thing occur if you launch the application in Mozilla Safe Mode?

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