Thunderbird not pulling imap read emails (Mac)

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Hello - I am running Thunderbird v60.9.1 on OSX v10.13.6 and there is an issue where Thunderbird it is unable to pull Gmail IMAP emails that have been first read in the Gmail UI.

Is there a workaround for this?

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I can't duplicate the problem using either 60.9.1 or 68.2.2, and haven't heard of it before. I'm using Windows 10.

What is the full text of the error message (or does it silently just omit the message from the folder listing)?

Does the problem occur in safe mode (help -> restart with add-ons disabled)?

What was the last configuration where you didn't have this problem?

How long ago did this problem start?

If you use webmail to move one of the problem messages to another folder using "move to" can you see/read it in Thunderbird (in the new location)?

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