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I've been an Outlook user. I don't have contacts with Outlook but it would autocomplete for all the folks I regularly wrote to. What can I do to have TB easily "know" who I write to to get autocomplete. I did some research and found some old (2007) posts viewtopic.php?f=28&t=534823 about altering the "mail.collect_email_address_incoming" attribute, so it would collect addresses from incoming email. Problem is I've already collected the past many years of email and I assume this works only on incoming email after I change the attribute. Is there any way to get autocomplete on email addresses from emails I've already received? I assume not, but thought I'd ask. And if this info were in my Outlook pst file, that probably wouldn't help, because Outlook won't open my pst file, claiming it's corrupted (even with a version I saved that I knew was not corrupted).

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I assume this works only on incoming email after I change the attribute.

That's correct.

There is/was an extension for Thunderbird that would search though your stored messages and add contact information from them to Thunderbird's address book. I'm not sure if that extension will still work with latest versions of Thunderbird. See this thread ( ) and try the "To install in TB 60" recommendation in whichever version you are currently running. Again, I can't say whether that extension will be compatible with the most current versions of TB.

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