How to get permanent new mail icon in Ubuntu?

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Why is Thunderbird fighting tray icons? Who is that man who decides that there shall be no tray icons? Internet is full of people who want to have tray icons and new e-mail notifications.

I went to hell and back to get it to work in Windows but now i switched to Linux and the same issue exists. No working add-ons and so on.

How can i get the Thunderbird icon to change to new e-mail icon when there are new e-mails?




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The Ubuntu build of Thunderbird no longer includes the extension that provides the mail notification in the icon.

Thunderbird now supports native Linux notifications. Which I see appear at the top of the monitor window when I receive new email no matter what application I am using at the time. I also have Thunderbird configured to play a custom sound when new mail arrives.

There is a thread on the Ubuntu forums about the same problem with a solution that works for the complainant.
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