[Solved] Configure acct color in Identity Chooser with TB68

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[MacOS 10.15.3 Catalina, Thunderbird 68.6.0]

I just upgraded to TB68 and the usual happened. "Legacy" apps, which worked fine before no longer work. Hmm, what do I do now? (But I'm not hear to debate this issue except to say that I no longer use Firefox, and use a fork that still supports the legacy add-ons. Such a shame, the designers thought they knew better.)
However and fortunately, after upgrading directly to v68.6.0 most of my addons seem to still work (at least the important ones), including Identity Chooser.

The problem I'm having is that with the new TB68 skin (may also be the result of using the 'Dark' mode in MacOS Catalina), the colours I have been using make it difficult to read the mail header section and so I need to change them. But am unable to find where to make the changes.

I notice that Identity Chooser does not have a 'Preferences' button in the Add-ons Manager screen, so I'm unable to make changes there. Is there some file I can edit or is there a TB equivalent to Firefox's 'about:config'? How/where can I set the colour for each account?

Cheers, Nap.
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See if the account colors add-on does what you want.

There is no support for complete theme add-ons anymore but there is a version of the monterail dark theme that is implemented as a extension at ... 68/?src=ss that you might want to try if the built-in dark theme doesn't meet your needs. The web page also has a link to another version that is a full dark version.

FYI Thunderbird's equivalent of about:config is tools -> options -> advanced -> general -> config editor.

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In Windows... (follow a similar procedure in Mac)

Tools > Addon Options > Identity Chooser

Identity Chooser Settings > Identities > click the colored box to open the color picker


You can change an identity color in the about:config window.

Tools > Options > Advanced > General > Config Editor > Search:*

The preference stores the color for the 1st identity.

Identity Chooser

HTML Color Names

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On Mac:
1) Tools -> Add-on Preferences. However Identity Chooser does not show there.
2) Thunderbird -> Preferences -> Advanced -> General -> Config Editor (a button bottom RHS).

Searching for the keys 'morat' mentioned displays the info I need.

Changing the colours for existing accounts worked. (But adding new accounts could be more difficult.)


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You're welcome.


Here is how to open the Identity Chooser Settings window using the console.

Code: Select all


* tools > developer tools > error console
* copy and paste code into error console
* press enter to run

Error Console command line

Addon Preferences not working on Mac

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