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I need your assistance, I have multiple folders in Thunderbird and filters are applied on it.

I have one requirement that I want to review multiple emails and want to list out having top 10 with respect to their subjects. Thunderstats add on is not relevant as it show only on the basis of Sender/Receiver while in my case Sender and Receiver address is same. Searching in multiple folders also takes too much time.

Please advise any solution or add on for meeting this requirement. Your prompt response would be highly appreciated.


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If it doesn't do what you want I suggest you submit an issue at . If you do that try to explain why it might be of general interest, don't just ask for what you want.

The only alternatives I can think of is to write some short javascript snippets that you use with the filtaquilla add-on on a saved search folder (a virtual folder) or use some scripts that you run outside of Thunderbird that process your mbox files. See for an example of somebody doing the latter.

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