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I have used Outlook for decades. I recently installed Thunderbird and was initially pleased, until I discovered, quite by accident an unknown "auto-delete" feature.

First Outlooks behavior:
When I download my email from my email server with outlook, it downloads the messages from the server, and deletes the downloaded messages from the server.

This morning I checked my email with Thunderbird. I had four new messages. I noticed earlier that Thunderbird did not delete the messages from my email server (I used the back end of my web site to access my email via an web mail program).

I deleted a bunch of messages from the server knowing that they had been downloaded to Thunderbird.

I checked my email on Thunderbird this morning and discovered that it had deleted all the messages that I had deleted from the email server. OUCH! I needed a bunch of them.

Two questions:

1. Is it possible to get Thunderbird to replicate the Outlook behavior (Download the messages, and delete them from the server)?
2. Is it possible configure Thunderbird so it does not delete anything automatically?



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Moving this to Thunderbird Support...
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It appears you set up the account as IMAP, so that when mail is deleted via webmail, it's deleted from TB's synced copy of the Inbox or other folder. If it's setup as POP, apply the standard setting to delete from server after download, or set TB to leave on server until deleted.

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Thanks, now I will have to figure out how to do that.

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See this article for info on switching to POP — ... g-imap-pop

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