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Hi all,

I installed two extensions to remove duplicate emails in my mailboxes: "Remove Duplicate Messages (alternate)" ( and "Remove Duplicate" ( ... uplicates/). In both extensions it should be possible to set some preferences, wich criteria to use to compare the single messages. In the Windows version of Thunderbird the preferences are easy to find and check, but in the OSX version I am not able to find these preferences.
If I go under "Tool/Extension Preferences" Menu it is empty. I tried selecting the extension, right click it, almost everything, but I am not able to access them.

Is this a bug or am I dumb? :)

I use Thunderbird 68.8.0 on OSX and all the extensions are up to date.

Thank you for your help.


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Moving to the Thunderbird Support forum...

Why do you need two extensions that perform the same action?
You might strike a little conflict running both.
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You are right, actually I need only one! :) I installed both since I wasn't able to see the preferences for the first extensions, and I tought probably there is some bugs on it. Then I tried the second one, unfortunately with the same result: no preferencies. Of course I can delete one of the two once I'm done.
Beside, they work only when I hit the command, so it shouldn't be any conflict between them.
Thanks anyway.

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Here is how to open the option page for the Remove Duplicates addon in Windows.

Tools > Add-ons Options > Remove Duplicates

Here is how to open the dialog using the error console in the developer tools.

Code: Select all
window.openDialog("chrome://removedupes/content/removedupesprefs.xul", "removedupesprefs", "chrome");

Here is the prefs.js file.

Code: Select all
pref("extensions.removedupes.autodelete", false);
pref("extensions.removedupes.checkauthor", true);
pref("extensions.removedupes.checkbody", false);
pref("extensions.removedupes.checkdate", false);
pref("extensions.removedupes.checkdateinseconds", true);
pref("extensions.removedupes.checklinecount", false);
pref("extensions.removedupes.checkmessageid", true);
pref("extensions.removedupes.checkrecipient", false);
pref("extensions.removedupes.checksubject", true);
pref("extensions.removedupes.debuginfo", false);
pref("extensions.removedupes.excludeArchives", false);
pref("extensions.removedupes.excludeSentfolder", true);
pref("extensions.removedupes.excludeTrashcan", true);
pref("extensions.removedupes.ignoreSubFolders", false);
pref("extensions.removedupes.prefereddelete", 0);
pref("extensions.removedupes.reversesearch", false);
pref("extensions.removedupes.showDuplicatesDialog", false);
pref("extensions.removedupes.subfolderfirst", false);

Sorry, I don't use OSX.


Other devs have noticed the bug in OSX.

jeevatkm wrote:It seems TB has some bug, sometimes it does not show up the options for me.

Comment about ReplyWithHeader ... -544222538 ... s/1162041/

Bug report

Workaround by sfhowes

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Thank you Morat, the workaround you suggested works also for me. And like the other user in the thread, I have never noticed the 3 bar app Menu until now! :)

Thanks a lot!

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You're welcome.

I knew about the hamburger button, but I forgot about the addon options in the hamburger menu. (hat tip to sfhowes)

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