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Post Posted May 27th, 2020, 6:15 pm

tanstaafl wrote:I'm not aware of a easy way to keep them in sync. You could create a virtual folder using saved search that acts as if it contains the contents of both folders. That would make it a little easier to delete both copies at the same time. I'm not sure its worth the complexity. See

Have you considered using message aging per to limit how long messages can stay in the Gmail sent mail folder before they are automatically deleted? Warning - that feature permanently deletes messages - it doesn't move them to the trash etc.

Hey tanstaafl,

Appreciate the help. I think youre right about avoiding the complexity of doing that. Not worth it as you said. I'll leave this as is.

Yes I have looked into that message aging. I'd rather keep my messages until I decide to delete them. But thanks for that heads up. I might use it one day.


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