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Why does a lot of the email receipts I have received recently will not print the information I need in it? It has a bunch of boxes with stuff in the boxes so you get this string of boxes and all the info is blocked from seeing it in the printed version. Since the last update this has started. I would attach a picture but I do not see where I can add it.
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Hi Mac73,
For future reference...

To post an image here, see this page...
> ... _the_forum
After you've taken the screen shot/s...
Reduce it/them to around 600 x 500 or so in your favourite image editor, (Be sure to remove any personal info.)
& upload them to your favourite image hosting site.

eg; >

Using "",
0/. Upload your image.
1/. Select > from the "Do not resize" drop down, 640 x 480.
2/. No expiration. (Leave as default or as you require.
3/. Choose > Images to upload.
3a/. After the image/s have been uploaded.
4/. Select > Hot Link for Forum.
5/. Paste that link in your forum thread.
6/. Your image will be displayed in your post.
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Does the same thing occur if you launch the application in Mozilla Safe Mode?

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