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Post Posted May 29th, 2020, 2:58 pm

I am trying to set my encoding to "Unicode" to eliminate an annoying problem with symbols in some emails. "Unicode" will eliminate them. but "Western introduces them. The problem is that I cannot set the encoding to "Unicode" & have it remain there. As soon as an email with symbols is displayed the encoding reverts to "Western." How can I make the encoding permanent?

I posted this problem in February & Tanstaafl tried unsuccessfully to help. I just took a second look at that thread & the first suggestion Tanstaafl made was to check the encoding but at that time I didn't notice the encoding flip. I just saw the symbols were still there. (because as soon as I selected the email it flipped the encodings). This time I changed the encoding from within the message & saw the symbols immediately disappear. A real aha moment.


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What are some of the symbols that will trigger the problem?

If you use Control-U or view -> message source to look at the raw message source what is the Content-Type: header nearest the Subject: header?

Do you have any messages that have those symbols that the problem doesn't occur with? If so, what is their Content-Type: header? ... (computing)

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Here are 3 Imageshack images of symbols

What is the Content-Type: header? How do I find it? I have done Ctrl-U but don't know where how to recognize it

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