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Post Posted May 31st, 2020, 10:30 am

I have an email account that has been working fine for years. My email service is provided by JustHost. JustHost advised that I use a different domain name for specifying the inbound and outbound servers. The new/different domain name references the same IP address as previously. However, all of a sudden I receive a dialogue request as follows:
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or maybe this
After some considerable time searching for documentation I couldn't find an explanation that even clarifies what this means. I'm thinking my service provider should be using a properly certified certificate. Might this indicate that is NOT the case? While they need to be questioned they are NOT experts when it comes to Thunderbird.


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See if you can find a link in the error message that will let you see the certificates contents. It should specify a host or domain. See if what it specifies matches the actual domain its used for.

if you can't do that see if you can you log into webmail at If that has a similar problem than you know its due to the certificates. ... te_Expired

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