SOLVED-mailto links from Firefox ask for new account (Linux)

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When I click on a mailto link in Firefox, it will open Thunderbird, as set in settings, but it doesn't recognize the default profile, apparently. It asks me to set up a new email account.
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What Linux operating system are you using? What are you trying to "mail to"? Image, page, link, etc.?
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Is it launching the Mozilla version of Thunderbird or the one that is provided by your distro? Help -> troubleshooting information should clear that up.

If the latter (build provided by your distro) that would explain the symptoms, since you have no profiles.ini or profile for it. You might need to just explicitly specify the full path to the version of Thunderbird you want in Firefox's settings.

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Yes, that's it. I didn't realize the Ubuntu software had installed another version. I've been installing manually in /opt. Thanks!

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