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Post Posted July 31st, 2020, 11:52 am

Hi there,

So I started to have this problem many many months ago & I was hoping it was my hoster, but I changed hosters in April & it's happened with the new hoster & 2 days in a row just now.

The new hoster did the following: "I've gone ahead to double the connection limit to 50." That's the IMAP connections & that still didn't help.

At this point I have to assume it's a TB issue.

Does anyone know if this solution below will solve it b/c his issue isn't my issue & that's gmail & mine are domain e-mails. I do NOT have this issue with my gmail accounts in TB?

And just to be clear, when I get the popup that the p/w is wrong, all I have to do is click on "retry" & it fixes itself, so it's NOT an incorrect p/w otherwise TB would want me to re-enter the p/w in the popup & the popup would come back over & over again until it was re-entered.

Very annoying.



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Post Posted July 31st, 2020, 5:10 pm

The connection limit in Thunderbird is account specific. Its basically how many folders will it automatically check for new mail without you having to open the folder. It normally defaults to 5. I wouldn't expect the email provider to need to increase any limit they imposed (went from 25 to 50) unless you had configured a lot of additional email folders to automatically check for new mail.

If your Gmail account is fine and you only see this problem with your new host I would assume this is NOT a Thunderbird problem and your new email provider has either a flaky configuration or a overloaded server and is doing what many most providers do with intermittent problems - always blame the email client.

There is the possibility you have a poor Internet connection to the mail server but I would expect a different error message a lot of the time if that was the cause. Try pinging it from a windows console and see if it loses any packets. See ... r-network/

I suspect you normally don't have a problem connecting to the mail server, but something on the hosters end causes occasional hiccups.

If you do have a hard connection failure there is a old bug where you need to delete the saved password/token, exit and restart Thunderbird or it will keep failing to login despite being provided with the right password. It doesn't sound like you've run into that. You're just running into hiccups.

My experience is that using OAuth2 is much more robust than using normal password.


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Post Posted August 3rd, 2020, 1:50 pm

Thanks for that.

I'm just going to make notes here so we don't forget.

I'm not using gmail so we can't do the OAuth2

We did the ping & that was fine.

We lowered the folder connections down to 1 on 3 different accounts, but 2 were already down to 2 which means I think that's the default now.

We'll wait & see now.

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