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I have an SMS backup app on my phone that copies all text messages to a folder named SMS in my email account. I can see this folder in the email app on my phone (Aquamail) and I can see it in webmail, but Thunderbird doesn't show it.

I have created numerous folders in my email account, and I use Thunderbird message filters to move messages to defined folders (e.g. Family, Friends, ebay etc), so I am quite familiar with using folders. When the SMS folder didn't appear in Thunderbird I tried to create a folder of that name, but Thunderbird won't allow it. I can create a folder named SMM or SSS, but not SMS. I suspect this is linked to the fact that it doesn't display an existing folder of that name.

I assume that Thunderbird treats SMS as a special category. Can someone explain?

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Is the folder subscribed in TB? Right-click the account in the Folder Pane, Subscribe..., Refresh, check (subscribe) the missing folder.


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Subscriptions are a optional way to manage clutter by hiding folders you don't want displayed. You can't unsubscribe the inbox, but almost any other folder/child folder can't be hidden by unsubscribing it.

You have the option of configuring Thunderbird to always show every folder in an account by unchecking "show only subscribed folders" in the advanced section of the accounts server settings.

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Thanks for the help. That solved it. I wasn't previously aware of subscribing

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