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I have a big problem, we have a Microsoft AD 2006 domain with roaming profiles.
Thunderbird runs as a mail program on Windows 10 clients.

The mail server with its IP address is entered in the settings (mail server is in the group)

Now we have a wildcard certificate and have to enter the server name in the settings (oh yes, we speak IMAP) and for SMTP.

How do I get this solved without doing it by hand on all PCs (approx. 600 PCs)

The entries are in the Prefs.js and since we do roaming profiles, the profiles are all on the server, including the Thunderbird profile.

How can I easily adjust the entries in the prefs.js via tool or script or whatever so that it listens to the server name.

So actually replaced the IP entries with the name.

Hope you understood my problem a little.

Thank you



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Post Posted February 16th, 2021, 6:48 am ... nistrators is pretty old but mentions several remote configuration programs for administrators. The newest one is the AutoConfiguration added in version 3.1 though that seems to be focused on adding accounts, not tweaking existing settings. OPSI seems the latest of the classic remote configuration programs.

I suggest you browse the archive of the Thunderbird enterprise mailing list at and see what they suggest.

See and ... figuration for more information.

Be aware that if you change the server name for a POP/IMAP account Thunderbird will want to change the local directory for the account (where it stores the accounts files) and ignore the existing password stored by the password manager .

Please let us know what you chose and why. I'll use that information to help update the KB article.

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