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How can I permanently delete mails?

Everytime I delete any mails Thunderbird just downloads it again a few minutes later. The same also happens when I try to move mail from folder x to y. The mails is moved but then the same mails start reappearing in folder x again a few minutes later.

I have 5 gmail IMAP accounts in Thunderbird.

Does anyone know how to do this?


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What are your deletion settings in the accounts server settings?

When I delete a message:

  • Move it to this folder
  • Just mark it deleted
  • Remove it immediately

Mine is to move to the Trash folder on Gmail.
Just marking it deleted puts a line through it like this.
Remove it immediately should remove it immediately.

Sorry, I don't have a folder x, y or z.
I also unsubscribed from the All Mail and Important folders.
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Try right clicking on each folder’s name and selecting Properties, the clicking on “Repair folder”.

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