How to unmount gmail account from “Places” in Ubuntu?

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When setting up Thunderbird on my Ubuntu 20.04 system, I added my gmail account to it. My Google Drive account also showed up. I decided against using Thunderbird and canceled my account on it. However, my gmail account and my Google Drive still appear in my file manager and I don't want them to. How do I permanently stop my gmail account from appearing in my file manager? (I don't anyone to be able to access my gmail account from my computer.) Thank you.


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Are you talking about the Places section of the file manager? If so see ... 540#152540

However, I suspect that only shows the Gmail accounts "local directory" in your Thunderbird profile. If you had a Gmail POP account that would contain any downloaded mail and your message filters. If you had a Gmail IMAP account it would have a optional copy of all of your remote folders plus any message filters. In neither case could somebody use it to access the actual Gmail folders on the mail server.

If you are worried about somebody accessing the files in your profile see ... ile_-_mail .

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