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i use Mozilla browser since 1.0 version, recently i've shifted from Outlook Express to Mozilla Mail&News.
I keep the mail client always on, so it catches mail as soon as it arrives. With OE everything worked fine.
With Mozilla mail&news (1.4, 1.4.1, 1.5, 1.6a) after a few hours the program seemed dead. When restarting, all new messages from the last hours were normally downloaded. Then dead again after some hours. SMTP doesn't work either: when i try to send a message it asks me for the password, but it should already be there since i use the password manager. When inserted, the password doesn't work, so i have to quit the sending and then retry in order to have the message sent. Many times i got a SMTP error: "transient brightmail processing error".
In order to solve these problems without switching back to Outlook, i tried Thunderbird. Except the "transient brightmail processing error" everything happens in the same manner. In the same way if i now shut down and ther restart the client (which has been active for 8/10hours), i get messages from some hours ago which i couldn't see by pressing the "get mail" button or letting the program check the mailbox every 5 minutes. Why?


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