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I am wanting to use Thunderbird to run my email account.
I beileve it is POP3 and complete the applicable details in 'Account Settings' (I assume the server name is for both incoming & outgoing).
However when I 'Get Mail' all I get is an error message saying 'Connection to server timed out.' I have not entered my account password anywhere in Thunderbird as I have never been given the opportunity to do so.
Any assistance / suggestion would be greatly appreciated.


Post Posted March 9th, 2006, 4:17 am

I wpuld go to and see what their suggested setting are.

then see:

If you are new to Thunderbird these guides are excellent: ... hunderbird ) a nice setup tutorial


Getting Started; Step by step directions, How do I use POP Server, What is SMTP?
You will want to start with ... ng_Started
Make sure you go through all of the linked pages.

and once your using Thunderbird,

the following may help in fixing assorted aches and pains in Thunderbird To be safe please Compact offline..
Also, use good maintenance practices, so in case of a major system crash while TB is open not all will be lost. See this: ... derbird%29
to keep ya going, healthy.



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Post Posted March 9th, 2006, 9:56 am

From the Gawab website:

1) Gawab incoming mail server (POP) is:

2) Gawab outgoing mail server (SMTP) is:

3) Your username on Outlook should be your complete email address

4) outgoing mail server requires authentication, you can check this option from "Properties" window of your Gawab account after adding it to Outlook. Go to Tools ® Accounts ® Select your account ® Properties ® Servers and check the option: "Outgoing server requires authentication".

This is for Outlook, but the only difference is step 4. Instead go to Tools>Account Settings>Outgoing Server (SMTP)>server>Edit and check "Use name and password" and then enter your full email address as the username.

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