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I wanted to switch with my IMAP-Account (GMX) from Outlook to Thunderbird 0.4.

I can't get TB to send mails correctly, which means the mail is sent but it cannot copied into the Sent Items folder on the server.
Moreover, where do deleted files get? I marked them to be moved to the trash folder, but they aren't there.

I hope you have some ideas so I can start using TB!



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have you set up the smtp serrver correctly in tools>account settings> outgoing servers?, have you then selcted in the server settings for the account??
after you have finished checking the folder, use the compact folder option to clear them from the folder.
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Yes, the settings are correct.

I was trying several things and now, I get TB to copy the sent mail in my sent mails folder on the IMAP server, but the strange thing is that TB always display this ordner as empty, but I can see the sent mails in Outlook Express.
So they are correctly copied there by TB but why the hell doesn't it show them?

And I still don't get the deletion working.
If I select files to be marked for deletion, how can I finally delete them at all?
And isn't there a way to select the IMAP folder they get in if I select to move them to the trash folder?



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Post Posted December 14th, 2003, 7:41 pm

I have had the same problem. Because of that I ended up sending the same message to my friend three times. I just went to check my email on the provider's site. Two messages show in the Drafts folder and none in the Sent folder. In TB, I see nothing in either folder.
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See my post here on marking items as deleted and removing them from the inbox. In short, you need to go to the server settings for your IMAP account and mark the option to expunge the messages from your inbox to finally delete them. Selecting the option to move them to the Trash folder may (I'm not entirely sure) try to move them to the Trash folder on the server, rather than the local folder. They need to be moved to the local folder because the server most likely doesn't have a Trash folder for IMAP, or it's called the "Deleted Items" folder instead.

About copying sent messages, see my post here . Essentially, the folder for sent messages is most likely named "Sent Items" and not "Sent", and so you need to change the account settings for Copies & Folders.

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well, exactly, tht oes not work

see ... es+folders

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Why don't you move sent mesages to a lokal folder?

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