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Post Posted December 12th, 2003, 2:11 pm

Hello everybody, i have a question. I just downloaded the version 0.4 of mozilla Thunderbird. I tried to install an extension... but nothing happened. I downloaded the xpi file, then i clicked the "install new extension" button in the options menu, then it opened a window to chose the file, i selected the xpi file, then i clicked "open" and absolutly nothing happened..... yhis extensions aren't compatible with version 0.4?? or i have another problem??



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Post Posted December 12th, 2003, 6:40 pm

What extension? What is your OS?
How can we answer questions like this without all of the information?
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Post Posted December 12th, 2003, 7:29 pm

I'm sorry, you are right. My OS is Windows XP Pro SP1. Extensions: all that i tried. For example getmess.xpi, preferential.xpi, smoothwheel.xpi......
If you need more information, please ask me.



Post Posted December 13th, 2003, 12:52 pm

Did you install 0.4 OVER a previous version of TB? If so, that is not a good thing!
Ok, I have getmess and preferential, and they installed fine for me. I don't use the smoothwheel so can't relate to that.
I would recommend you delete the profile\chrome folder and the XUL.mlf file under your profile.
Then delete the folder TB0.4 was installed in, and re-install it.
Then try the extensions again.

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