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Post Posted December 18th, 2003, 7:56 pm

If I do a search, <CTRL> F, on a page, the first occurance is displayed in the middle of the page. After that, if I usea <CTRL> G for the next occurance, it is displayed at the bottom of the page. When I do a search, I'm interested it the data right at or below the searched item.

TB works just like Netscape 6.x and 7.x and Mozilla. This is the biggest reason I've chugged along with Netscape 4.80 for so long. 4.X displays the search item at the top of the page.

For the life of me, I can't understand why this was changed in the newer versions. I can't see where this is a configuration value. Is there any way to change 'find' behavior?



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