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After I set up my account, TB prompted to enter password for the user name. I entered it. After about 30 seconds or so it came back saying password or username invalid. My mailbox is with Aliant and it works perfectly on their website. I've checked numerous times that my username and password is correct. I've even deleted the mailbox from Aliant numerous times and built a new one with different username/passwords, but I still get the same messages. I've done this with Thunderbird from both my home computer and my work computer and I get the exact same thing. Any ideas? Please? Thanks in advance :)


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Getting that message is actually a good thing. It means you are at least making contact with the mail server and exchanging information.

Some servers want you to identify yourself with your full email address, others only want your account name (the portion of your email address before the @). Try it both ways and see if one or the other works for you.
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Thank-you so much, I entered the full email address and it worked!! :) :) :)

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I had this exact problem and this solution worked. Odd, on one computer running TB on OS 10.4.11, my POP server settings work with a user name WITHOUT the "@" etc.... and the same version of TB I just installed on a system running OS 10.6 required me to type in the "@" etc. in the settings in order to work. Well, all I care about is that the problem is solved. ;-)


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That's good news.
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