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Post Posted December 26th, 2003, 3:23 pm

Hi folks....

I'm new here although i had the mozilla suite a while the time it was still really buggy and i don't think this spot existed...

Anyway i haven't found a way (yet) to get the system to que mail to send later (aside from saving the messages and then getting them back which is a fair amount of work in my opinion). I would find this a very useful feature. Unfortunately i have very little idea on how to program stuff...instead i test it out and i promote to others :-)

The other thing that would be really nice (but that i haven't seen anywhere yet except ON yahoo) is something that could thread mail. I'm on several yahoo groups and they have subjects that are like the subjects on usenet, but they don't thread. It would be real nice if someone could figure that one out....

From my understanding a new feature is a "bug". So anyone insterested in these two bugs? Or are they there and i've missed them (possible)


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