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Mark H

Post Posted January 1st, 2004, 4:07 pm


I've just installed TB on OSX and i'm trying to set it up to use different folders for storing my mail to the defaults set up in a normal profile.

I have done this previously a number of times on WindowsXP by editing the paths in the prefs.js e.g. user_pref("mail.root.pop3", "PATH GOES HERE");

This allows me to share a single store of email across multiple machines on a network.

But in OSX these paths seem to be encrypted in some way in prefs.js. I can set the Local Folders path from the Mail Preferences but can't directly edit the other paths as the 'unencrypted' paths don't work.

Does anyone know whether you can turn off this 'encryption' or how to generate the 'encrypted' paths.



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